Universities asked to conduct research on Indus valley civilization

Nations always feels proud upon their glorious history, therefore, we should also feel proud on our one of the most ancient civilization of the world Indus valley civilization.
The research being done on Indus Valley civilization presently in many foreign universities is not moving in right direction and actual fact are being distorted ruthlessly. In this situation, it has become very necessary for our universities, scholars, students and historians to conduct research on Indus valley civilization to bring the real facts of this civilization in picture.
These views were expressed by Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, (MAJU) Karachi faculty member of Business Administration & Social Sciences, Ali Nasir during his second lecture on Indus valley civilization last evening. It may be mentioned here that a series of lectures on Indus Valley civilization has been started at M.A .Jinnah University recently to create awareness among the young generation about the actual history of the sub continent.
Speaking on this occasion Ali Nasir said it is an unresolved mystery that the citizens of this one of the most ancient civilization that from where they came and where they had gone who did not left any evidence about them. He said that is not the responsibility of archeologist only to continue research on Indus valley civilization, all those people who love with their history and culture to come forward for research one one of the most developed and civilized civilization.
He said that Mohanjo- Daro which was the biggest city of Indus Valley civilization was the first housing society of the world. Ali Nasir said that —NNI

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