The United Reichs of America


Muhammad Ali Baig

IS Trump going to succumb to the “fake news” media? Are the U.S. Congressmen going to impeach him? And last, but not the least; is Trump likely to be assassinated just like JFK? These are among many questions arising in peoples’ minds around the globe and almost everyone talks about the doubts running through the minds of the public at large; but perhaps no one has pondered about the things in Trump’s mind. The assumptions and suppositions though sound a bit radical but they just cannot be ignored due to their relevance with the prevailing situation. History is a witness that whenever an ultra-nationalist and hyper-patriot attempts to turn the tide of internal as well as international politics, a group of like-minded people with common objectives often originating from the corporate sector, become a stumbling block.
In America, business tycoons which are inherently monopolistic and narrow-minded; never want the materialisation of U.S-Mexico Wall. Since the overwhelming majority of these people are involved in the drug trafficking, human smuggling and forced prostitution. Again, many of these people own strip clubs and brothels of Las Vegas whom they feed from the smuggled women of the Caribbean and Latin America through the US-Mexico border. This hidden hand is in fact the most powerful one as well, and is influencing the American electronic media to build pressure on President Trump. The NBC’s hallmark satire program Saturday Night Live (SNL) is not only making fun of Trump and his companions but actually it has been defaming them long before their rise to power.
This yellow journalism in American print and electronic media is utterly unprecedented. German magazine Der Spiegel; portrayed Trump on the title of its February 2017 issue holding the chopped-off head of the Columbia (Statue of Liberty). Similarly, The Atlantic’s March 2017 issue published story by the title of “How to build an Autocracy”? These are among the many attempts by the liberal media around the globe to hinder Trump’s nationalistic moves. The suspension of Ivanka Trump’s clothes and accessories at Nordstrom outlets is also another example of this particular group’s activities to hurt the Trump family and to discourage its determination in “Make America Great Again”.
The campaign pointed at the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being in contact with Russian Administration depicts one thing in particular, that the media is aware of his Russian connections but they did not bother to look at the criminal ignorance of Hillary Clinton when she ignored repeated requests to reinforce US Consulate in Ben-Ghazi that actually did cost the loss of 4 American lives including the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The movie “13 Hours” (2016) can be said as the proof of Hillary’s professional-criminal negligence.
If one tries to analyse the Travel Ban and the Construction of Wall on the US-Mexico Border under the paradigm of US Foreign Policy principles then it would be evident that these actions and decisions completely comply with moralism. Also, these actions were promised by the President Trump during his election campaign and people of America gave him the mandate. Some analysts opine and perhaps conspire that Trump’s rise to power was fuelled by the military establishment in the US and take the recent raise in the defence budget as a confirmation. But it is worth mentioning here that even he is a puppet playing in the hands of the military establishment but still his actions reflect certain level of support by the people.
It is sure that the German-blood Trump is not going to give-up on his hopes to “Make America Great Again”. He is not only the eldest man to be elected as US President but is also the most audacious and wise as well. Majority of the people will prove their selves wrong again about him like they were utterly not expecting him to be the president in the first place. President Donald will “Make America Great Again” but this greatness will be achieved at the expense of its allies especially in the Asia-Pacific. America will not suffer primarily due to its geographic location but the real losers will be Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan along with India.
Is it a coincidence or something else, that Hollywood movie “Machete” (2010) showed some significant resemblance between Donald Trump and Senator John McLaughlin (role played by Robert De Niro)? That movie also showed an assassination attempt made on McLaughlin by some South-American native over the construction of wall on the US-Mexico Border. It is a fact that The Border Wall and the Travel Ban are just the beginning and Trump would go to any length in the pursuit of seeking Greatness for America, even by turning the United States into a state-controlled Police Republic. After his coming to power Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party along with many factions are active again. The opposition faced by Trump Administration is more or less same as it was faced by Hitler in the 1930s. One may disagree with these decisions-cum incidents but public opinion and will supports President Donald Trump.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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