Unique way to tackle violence..!

AND as the world tackles violence with age old conventional methods written by generals and other famous leaders in history books, a Chief Minister of the ruling BJP party, the party of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has come out with even a more unique way of tackling violence:
The Chief Minister after going through sleepless days and nights, seeing his state violently targeted by striking farmers who don’t want to pay back loans, and seeing the escalating situation, concluded enough was enough, and decided to go on an indefinite fast! I can imagine officers and government officials, frantic with concern, now calm and peaceful as they realize the state of affairs in the state is under control. With same quietness and stillness they answer frenzied queries from police officers and military, “Sir, the farmers are burning buses and cars, should we use firearms against them?”“No reason to! The chief minister has the situation under control!” smile the officials, as they go about their normal day.
And suddenly the world sits up and takes notice of this new technique used by one of the larger states in India: A jailor in Mexico who finds his prisoners are on a prison break, refuses to eat, “I will not eat till those jailbirds return to their cells!” he says with deadly resolve, even as the escapees jump over the wall and run away.
In England, Theresa May looks forlornly at the poll results, realizing she has lost 16 seats, “I’m going to go on a fast!” she tells the nation on BBC. “I want those sixteen seats back. I want a majority in Parliament again, and will fast till I get my way!”
“Are you going to give up all food, till then?” asks the concerned TV anchor. “Well maybe not all food, but certainly ice cream, especially the vanilla kind, I detest!” says a resolute Theresa May as the nation shudders and the opposition wonder whether they should return the seats they’ve just won. And in the US, Trump glances at Fox News and likes the new method, “I will get back my falling ratings!” he grunts, “I will get people to like my friend Putin!”“And how dear, will you do that?” asks the First Lady. “I will give up reading!” said the president, “No books or novels!” “But you always found those books difficult husband, especially long sentences and big words!”
“Yeah!” says the president, “But let the people decide, either no reading or accept Putin!” And in India, the Chief Minister’s aide looks gleefully at his junior as farmers throw stones outside, “Our boss is looking slim and fit!” “Maybe I should also go on fast,” says his junior looking at his spreading waistline, “It does seem to be a unique method..!”
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