The unholy triangular alliance

Zaheer Bhatti
US Country Report on terrorism for the year tying release of ISAF assistance to action against Afghan Taliban’s Haqqani network continues its carrot and stick duplicity about Pakistan; praising its actions against terrorism and measures for nuclear safety and non-proliferation, but insisting without evidence that it has not done enough against the Haqqani Network hurting US interests in Afghanistan. One notices that suggestions to Trump from sleuths like Hussain Haqqani and the Indian lobby to tighten screws on Pakistan has worked. It is a pity that the US, India and their Pakistani facilitators continue to gloss over Pakistan’s unmatched sacrifices in men and materials and its categorical declaration of having carried out en-mass operations against all terrorist sanctuaries without discrimination destroying their hide-outs and clearing the areas, which has been witnessed only weeks ago and certified by Senator John McCain-led US delegation which visited North Waziristan.
It was time to place the exaggerated volume of US Assistance to Pakistan and its grossly misplaced reasoning in its true perspective as it was not aid but barely part re-imbursement of costs actually incurred by Pakistan’s Armed Forces in their operations against the war on terror of which it must bear in mind that facilitating NATO supplies through Pakistan continues to be a part of the arrangement. As experience has it, this country has fared better when challenged such as by the Pressler’s Amendment sanctions after going nuclear. It was time that Pakistani civil and military leadership plucked courage to say ‘no more’, withdrew from its mercenary role and learned to stand on its own to be reckoned with in the comity of nations.
It was also time for Pakistan to rubbish the perception of terrorism being built around it by those who were themselves the sole vehicle and brazen perpetrators of this menace and crime against humanity worldwide. Mirroring track record of this unholy triangular alliance, the United States its driving force is a nation born out of a bunch of conmen converging from across the world on the discovered land and posing to be its saviours some three hundred years ago, but in the process exterminating its native Red Indian population and establishing hold over what came to be fashioned as the United States of America.
Twentieth century saw the worst US racial discrimination against its black population which per force threw up the legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King whose movement shook its foundations. Recent history is replete with drunken, remorseless and unwarranted American assaults i.e. first ever nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, attacking and staging coups in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Iraq partaking their oil resources, and launching its sinister campaign against Afghanistan by staging 9/11 to gain foothold in the land of opportunities, and its vain attempt to contain the rising power of China through its Indian proxy. Israel, next in the nexus was egged on to annex territories of Middle Eastern countries to pre-empt establishment of the legitimate State of Palestine over their native motherland by building Jewish settlements in the Palestinian land; a repeat performance of its protectors’ own conquest of North America. Since then, Jews in the US together with Israel have perpetrated terrorism against mainly resourceful Muslim nations while the US occasionally pays lip service to its lackeys in the Muslim world.
Hindu India, third in the unholy alliance styling itself as the largest democracy on earth is currently in the news for its treachery particularly against its occupied territory of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. India in fact is obsessed with avenging its domination for centuries by Muslim rule. Kashmir, the unfinished agenda of partition left unresolved as a parting kick by the British, continues to burn ever since independence under the yoke of continued Indian occupation and atrocities, generating an Intefada and Freedom Movement in which the martyred are paraded amid millions wrapped in the Pakistani flag before burial; a symbolic verdict for the plebiscite the United Nations had committed nearly 70 years back but failed to enforce so far.
Besides the massacre of millions of Muslims during partition, the spate of inherent Hindu bias and violence against Muslims has continued unabated in India; naming just a few, the destruction and desecration of the 600-year old Babri Mosque in Ayodhiya, butchering of thousands in purposely inflamed Gujarat riots, and premeditated burning alive of Muslims aboard Samjhota Express; a train Service supposed to be part of CBMs for achieving peace between India and Pakistan. The intolerance of world’s largest democracy is writ large on the Indian face with its ban on cow trade or slaughter mainly targeting Muslims although beef was the staple food of more than half of humanity across the world. All these acts have been perpetrated under direct command of Narendra Modi and L K Advani of RSS the extremist Indian Militant Wing of currently ruling BJP on account of which terrorist Modi had been banned from travel to the US until after his election as the Prime Minister of India, as if that was a certificate to condone all acts of terrorism besides its avowed policy of ingression into Pakistan and destabilizing it, openly admitting its role in severing Pakistan’s Eastern wing, and its current campaigns inside Pakistan’s Balochistan and Karachi through RAW, evidenced by the arrest, confessions and revelations by Yadev, its assigned terror planner netted in Pakistan facing death sentence and currently seeking clemency.
This in brief is the story of exploitation and unequal treatment of human beings on the face of mother earth, and blinded apathy of the comity of nations which continues to look the other way over crimes against humanity by this evil triangular nexus. What else is terrorism if this is not! Whereas they themselves are the main architects and perpetrators of terrorism across the world, all three of them keep putting it on the Muslim world by throwing up and sponsoring ‘Islamist decoys’ to defame the concept of Jehad in Islam which they purposely label as terrorism such as in Indian occupied Kashmir and Afghanistan waged against enemies of Islam. They have branded Salahuddin an avowed protagonist of Jehad in Kashmir spearheading Hizb-ul-Mujahideen as a terrorist and clamped sanctions against him. Donald Trump, Benjamin Natanyahu or Modi can engage in huddles and embraces, pass Bills in their respective Houses of Representatives and dole out sanctions to fool the world, but will not be able to fool themselves or the power which will ultimately hold all accountable.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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