Unholy plots being hatched to destroy national unity: Shahbaz

Religious scholars will stand with nation if need arises

Salim Ahmed


Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that ulema and mashaikh have a very great responsibility to discharge that is to improve the destiny of the nation and guide the society and the majority of ulema teach righteousness and truthfulness.
The chief minister expressed these views while addressing a convention of ulema belonging to all schools of thought at Aiwan-e-Iqbal here on Saturday.
He said Allah Almighty has given countless abilities to the ulema who are the great people and can play a great role in changing the destiny of the nation as a teacher, khathib, aalim and mufti. He said ulema have a great role to play in ending confusion prevailing in the country and resolving minor religious differences.
He said the role of ulema in eliminating religious hatred cannot be ignored and ulema have the great role to play by controlling differences in the society and ending confusion in the society. He said every Muslim is ready to sacrifice his live for the respect of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the message of the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is to serve orphans, widows and distressed humanity.
He said Holy Prophet (PBUH) has given the message of forgiveness and patience. He said equal distribution of wealth is also the message of Holy Prophet (PBUH). He said Pakistan can become an example of love, sacrifice and justified distribution of wealth if ulema promote this message of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
He said the reservations created in the society during the last few decades due to the religious hatred can be resolved by ulema.
The chief minister said Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had signed the Madina Accord to provide peace and protection to non-Muslims and this record is a great example for us.
He said the Treaty of Hudaiybiyyah gives us the message to settle matters with consultation, wisdom and acumen and Treaty of Hudaiybiyyah is a great example in this regard. He said Quai-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal have also given this message in their teachings.
He said ulema should play their role in facing these challenges by teaching the message of Holy Quran and sunnah. He said the today’s spiritual gathering from across Pakistan and the world will spread the message of unity and harmony, and promote religious harmony and tolerance. He said in the current situation unholy plots are being hatched to destroy the national unity and in these plots some foreign forces also have their role.
The Chief Minister said on the one hand foreigners are insulting us while on the other hand the politics of sit-ins started in Pakistan are strengthening these nefarious acts.

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