Unheard voice of Faisal Mosque

Our religion Islam governs all aspects of human life. To run a complex structured system smoothly, some institutions are needed. Mosque is the main institute which is used for several significant purposes. Mosque is House of Allah where Allah’s mercy is showered upon those who visit with pure intention. Because of this importance every Caliph and Sultan took keen interest in the construction and glorification of mosque. Mosque is the sign of honour, dignity and prestige of Muslim Ummah and is social centre of Muslim society.
Now coming to the point I would like to mention the factual situation of the Faisal Mosque. Last week I along with my father went to Faisal mosque for offering Zuhr prayer. When we entered, the courtyard of mosque covered with dust and trash welcomed us. Place of ablution was also covered with fungi, bathrooms are permanently locked by the administration due to lack of water and non-availability of sweepers. The white colour of mosque was turning into pale.
While Dawah Academy (International Islamic university Islamabad) is the custodian of Faisal Mosque officially for the purpose of running the system of prayers, however its maintenance is responsibility of the CDA. Despite relentless efforts by the Dawah Academy, CDA has paid no heed. From such an indifferent attitude, one can gauge the performance of the CDA.I am worried about the coming month of Ramadan. Usually number of visitors in the mosque tremendously goes up in Ramadan, and what about those who are registering their names for AITAKAF in the mosque. How they could survive for ten days with dusty floor and without bathrooms.
Having explained pathetic state of affairs of Faisal Mosque I earnestly urge CDA authorities to immediately take all necessary remedial measures so as to improve the plight of mosque considering the same as their fundamental duty and a paramount religious obligation. CDA should feel its responsibility.
Omar Mahmood Wattoo
Via email

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