Unfortunate riots in Sri Lanka

A nationwide state of emergency has been declared in Sri Lanka following anti-Muslim riots that have killed at least two people. Heavily armed police units have been deployed in the central district of Kandy, a tourist area famed for its tea plantations and Buddhist sites. In a tweet, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the government condemned the ‘racist and violent acts’ of the last few days.
Sri Lankan Government has acted promptly to check spread of the violence against Muslims, deploring actions by some violent elements. However, there are reports that the local authorities did not move swiftly to prevent or contain the conflict that not only threatens life of Muslims but also their properties and businesses. Lakshman Kiriella, a legislator from Kandy, told Parliament that the attacks were carried out by outsiders and representing feelings of majority of the Sri Lankan people, he said he was ashamed of what happened to Muslims and apologise to them. The region of Kandy saw similar violence in late February, and in 2014 violence between Buddhists and Muslims, instigated by a Buddhist extremist group, resulted in four deaths. With this in view, special measures should have been taken to protect Muslims against racist attacks. OIC has also called upon the Sri Lankan Government to take concrete steps to address the propagation of hatred and violence by extremist groups and to ensure the protection of properties and livelihood of Muslims. Some mischief mongers might be exploiting the delicate situation in Sri Lanka, which passed through worst phases of terrorism. People of Sri Lanka suffered a lot due to long war against terrorism and therefore, all segments of the population should remain on the vigil against elements {especially India} that are bent upon triggering trouble in one form or the other in an apparent bid to blocking the path of progress of this beautiful country.

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