Unfit water Atiq Ali

Turbat, Kech

The citizens of metropolitan city of Pakistan, Islamabad, must be drinking unfit water from filtration plants as Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) is not taking this issue seriously. However, many filtration plants are dysfunctional and those which are functioning are not maintained properly. Though they say that they are not receiving that much funds by which they could sustain all properly, but their situation is not as bad as they claim. Recently, the place where IMC used to buy filters or chlorine for filtration, was asked if IMC is utilizing the funds over this or not, then he was responded that some private contractors were supplying them their needed material; some officials of IMC also said that no purchase has been done for the last three months.
Moreover, in February of this year, according to CDA’s own water testing laboratories, seven filtration plants out of eleven were providing unfit water to the consumers. All above, a few years ago, a report prepared by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources described that 28 filtration plants out of 34 are providing unsafe water to the citizens. On account of this contaminated water several people are suffering from diverse sorts of diseases including the liver and kidney problems. The government, especially CADD Minister, must solve this serious issue.

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