Unfair fee hike by NADRA

IN an outrageous move, the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has increased the fee for computerised national identity cards in all categories. The fee has been doubled in all the categories while urgent CNIC fee has gone up by 300%.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan had taken serious notice of fleecing of the Overseas Pakistanis by NADRA and under instructions of the top court the Authority slashed fee for them. It seems fee for all categories has been increased to compensate for the loss of revenue that the Authority would face while implementing the apex court instructions. Otherwise, there was hardly any justification for increasing the fee when the rates were already on the higher side. NADRA is not delivering the kind of service that it should at the cost it charges customers. Procurement of cards with a number of features from the open market costs much less than NADRA charges for preparation of smart and other cards as well as certificates. Apart from CNICs, NADRA is also minting money by charging hefty fees for production and renewal of different licenses. Going by the fact that NADRA has a huge clientele, there is all the reason to bring down prices of different cards and certificates but unfortunately it is resorting to periodical increase and that too without any justification. CNIC is a mandatory document and not optional and that is why its cost should be nominal so that an ordinary citizen does not feel burdened. Though NADRA is extending many facilities to ordinary citizens to save time and avoid fatigue, yet the fresh fee increase is uncalled for burden on people and we would urge the Authority to reverse the decision.

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