Unending Afghan blame-game

AS Pakistan is making all-out efforts to normalize relations with Afghanistan and contribute towards restoration of much-needed peace in the war-torn country, Kabul continues to persist with its same old policy of mud-slinging. Head of its spy agency Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai told reporters that his country has provided, what he claimed, undeniable evidence to Pakistan to show a recent spate of deadly attacks were planned on Pakistani soil. He also claimed that Afghanistan has provided a list to Pakistan and demanded hand over of those involved in attacks.
This newspaper had warned that successive terrorist attacks in Kabul seem to be part of a well thought out strategy to create justification for any action against Pakistan and statements of NDS chief as well as Afghan Interior Minister, who visited Islamabad with a letter from President Ashraf Ghani, is a clear testimony of what is cooking up against Pakistan. No one would condone or approve dastardly terrorist attacks anywhere in the world leave alone in one’s neighbourhood. What happens in Afghanistan has direct bearing on the overall security and law and order situation in Pakistan and therefore, Islamabad can ill afford any support for terrorists or militants. On the other hand, Pakistan has launched a comprehensive operation against all sorts of terrorists forcing many of them to flee to Afghanistan and there is clear evidence that they have been facilitated and encouraged to use Afghan soil for terrorist activities against Pakistan. Authorities in Kabul are easily ignoring visits of Pakistan Army Chiefs and heads of ISI for the purpose of sharing of intelligence on terrorist incidents in Pakistan which were carried out from across the Durand Line. However, so far there are no signs that Afghanistan has taken any action against those engaged in anti-Pakistan activities from its soil. Instead, there are clear indications and evidence that NDS and RAW are colluding in creating unrest and sponsoring acts of terror and sabotage in Pakistan. As Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has pointed out terrorism is a common challenge and this can only be tackled through joint efforts. There is no reason to suspect Pakistan or cast doubts on its sincerity to see peace in Afghanistan as Islamabad has all along extended full support for all peace initiatives.

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