Unemployment problem

Unemployment problem is the burning question of Pakistan. It can be termed as number one problem of the country. Pakistan is a small country but with a huge population. There are more than twenty crore souls living in this country, most of them are poor. Unemployment problem is very acute in our country. The production of food cannot keep pace with our increasing pollution. As a result there is shortage of food in our country and people are fighting very hard against hunger and poverty. Unemployment creates other problem too. The people have to suffer a lot. We should come forward to control our population. Education must be ensured for all. The people of our country must be made conscious of such issues that are affecting their life. Man is the maker of his own fate. If we remain inactive, we cannot be prosperous. We urge the Government of Pakistan including all the provincial governments to please come out with some worthwhile measures which may lead to the end of unemployment.
Kech, Balochistan

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