Unemployment in Pakistan

Syed Taha Javaid

Unemployment is a leading problem across the world. Millions of people are in search of suitable jobs and situation in Pakistan is much alarming. It is said that whenever the problem of unemployment raises it create plenty of others such as terrorism, snatching of mobile & other crimes rampant. There are plenty of reasons for unemployment like poor education system, energy crises and corruption etc. There are thousands of people who have completed their education and looking for job but they are disappointed due to bad governance in provincial and federal governments.
The poverty rate in Pakistan is on peak therefore uneducated, unskilled people have also been affected due to unemployment. With the passage of time unemployment is increasing instead of decreasing. People are lacking fundamental needs of lives. People of Pakistan are highly talented, hardworking and work devoted yet despite having these abilities and skills they are compel to move to other countries to earn livelihood. The energy crises have destroyed the business of Pakistanis. People transferring their business to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka thus the lower class people are getting unemployed very rabidly. Serious action should be taken by govt to curb this rising unemployment problem.

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