Unemployment Crisis

Among other calamitous issues, the unemployment is also a contemptible issue, Pakistan is facing. The problem is to how the unemployment should be eradicated and what opportunities be given to people of Pakistan that would augment the economy, cement the development of Pakistan and mince the terrorist activities.
Myriad suggestions and recommendations were made public and as well as at government level – howsoever, the issue still lies and clung to Pakistan’s dignity and development. Unemployed masses verily indulge in illicit activities and somehow become abettor to those involved in criminal activities such as mobile snatching, looting, target killing and felonies/misdemeanors. Hence, it must be extirpated.
The Federal and Provincial Governments may take following recommendations to end or at least lessen unemployment ratio:-
First; new industries and companies should be established for the employment of general masses,
Second; shops and markets must be constructed around the villages and at the places that have not been in use since long so that the inhabitants of nearby areas could avail opportunity of employment,
Third; provincial government must initiate the employment schemes at their own will to provide employment to the needy,
Fourth; those who surrendered to Pak Army and Government and those who have completed their tenures of punishment should be given an opportunities of employment so that they would never again think about other illicit acts.
Fifth, salaries of low income folks must be augmented and the mantra of education for all should be implemented efficaciously. The above steps, though small, would definitely lead to generate employment and minimize terrorist activities.
Syed Waqar Ali

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