Undue emphasis on Dawn Leaks

WHAT the opposition did in the Senate on Friday over the issue of Dawn Leaks conveyed a loud and clear message that the house is conducting itself in a partisan manner to advance vested political interests without caring about sensitivity of the matter. No doubt, the opposition is within its right to agitate any aspect of the issue but the way it behaved and refused to listen to the Government side raised many questions about the real motives of not allowing the controversy to settle down.
Both the Government and the Pakistan Army issued public statements expressing satisfaction over modus operandi used to bring the issue to a closure. There was apparently nothing secret in the so-called Government-Army ‘deal’ as the Government side took some concrete measures as per recommendations of the Inquiry Committee into Leaks and Pakistan Army withdrew the irritating tweet of the DG, ISPR. In the official matters, when something goes wrong, responsibility is fixed and officials concerned are proceeded against as per rules and regulations. That has been done in the case of Dawn Leaks and therefore, one fails to understand why some circles should try to revive the controversy. The only plausible explanation could be that these circles want to politicize the issue for the sake of some petty party interests and as part of their strategy to pressurize the Government. One would also not agree to the proposition of the Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani that how the two sides sat across the table and settled the issue on their own. In the statement issued by ISPR, Pakistan Army not only rescinded its tweet but also reiterated its resolve to uphold the Constitution of Pakistan and support the democratic process. This was to convey that the Army was not above the law and is subservient to the constitutional scheme of things. What else the opposition in the Senate or the Chairman Senate want? The contention of Aitzaz Ahsan that the Prime Minister and the Army Chief cannot sort out things without reference to Parliament is just a political statement and carries no legal weight as there was no deal and the issue has been settled in the light of the recommendations of the probe committee. In this backdrop, those who continue to hammer the issue are serving no national cause but want to see instability and tension in the country.

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