Undue criticism of Raheel’s appointment

APPOINTMENT of former Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif as Commander of Islamic Military Alliance to fight terrorism is a righteous cause yet unfortunately some segments of the society, who are fond of creating and fuelling controversies, are unduly criticising the matter. They base their arguments on far-fetched ideas, which have no relevance to ground realities.
Critics question as to why the former COAS has taken up the assignment immediately after retirement and whether he has taken permission or not from the government to join the alliance and that a Pakistani should not join a Force formed by Saudi Arabia in which Iran is not included. As the nomenclature suggests, the yet to be raised force would be dedicated to fighting terrorism, which is afflicting Muslim Ummah and the presence of this menace is also being used as a pretext by some powers to corner Islamic countries. There is universal consensus that terrorists are not Muslims and they are misusing the name of religion and are a tool in the hands of anti-Muslim forces to harm Islam and its followers. With this in view, the formation of such a Force should have been welcomed by all. It is all the more important to point out that from the day one Saudi Arabia has made it clear that the alliance has nothing to do against Iran and it is meant to fight terrorism alone. Therefore, there is absolutely no logic to give the issue a sectarian angle and try to divide public opinion on this basis. As far as permission from govt is concerned, it should not be an issue as he is not forming a political party to do politics. A Pakistani heading a Force for a noble cause should be an honour and no attempt should be made to ignite controversies on flimsy grounds.

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