Undermining Pakistan’s image?


Muhammad Hanif

THERE are some Pakistani pseudo intellectuals, who have become part of the propaganda campaign of Pakistan’s enemies, against their own country. The two most prominent ones are Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the US and Ahmed Rashid, a Lahore-based journalist, who quite often speak and write against Pakistan’s national interest. In the current geopolitical environment of our region, Pakistan’s adversaries are out to tarnish its international standing, with India in the forefront, by alleging Pakistan for supporting terrorism in the neighbouring countries. Their these efforts are being reinforced by Haqqani and Rashid by speaking and writing articles and books, alleging Pakistan for supporting terrorism in the region, although, their such allegations are against the ground realities. While the Pakistani nation and its military has eliminated terrorism by fighting a heroic war against that menace in Pakistan’s tribal areas at the cost of sacrificing more than 70,000 human lives and after suffering from economic losses of above 120 billion US dollars, this magnificent achievement and sacrifices rendered by Pakistan have found no space in the write ups of these pseudo scholars. Especially when, China, Russia, Iran and CARs have praised Pakistan military’s achievements in fighting war on terror in the region.
Moreover, Haqqani and Rashid also never wrote about the fact that India is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan using the Afghan soil, especially when the former US officials, Mr. Hegel and Gen. MC Crystal had stated that by using Afghan soil, India was creating difficulties for Pakistan in Balochistan. And, when this fact is further supported by the confession of Indian spy, Kalboshan Singh Jadav, that he was assigned to destabilize Balochistan. Haqqani and Rashid have also not spoken or written about India’s state terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Some examples of Haqqani and Rashid’s anti Pakistan assertions are reflected in the ensuing paragraphs. As published in the Dawn dated 22 January 2018, Mr Haqqani was criticised by the Pakistani parliament for his column in The Washington Post in which he had written that he had helped the US forces in eliminating Usama bin Laden when the government and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had been kept in the dark about the secret operation. Also, in an article titled “Ex-Pakistani Ambassador: My Country Supports Terrorism”, published in the Bloomberg Opinion, dated 22 October 2013, the author, Jeffrey Goldberg quotes Mr Hussain Haqqani having said, “ Pakistan sponsors terrorism”. On June 2016, Sartaj Aziz, Advisor, Foreign Affairs had said in the National Assembly session, “A former Pakistani Ambassador is working against his own country in the US”.In his article titled “Pakistan unlikely to change its behaviour over terrorism”, published in the Economic Times, India dated 25 September 2018, Haqqani, wrote, “Pakistan’s leadership defines terrorism differently than the US government and thus is unlikely to act against all terrorist groups, as US demanded,”.
Haqqani recently wrote for the WSJ, “American weapons will end up being used to fight India and perceived domestic enemies, instead of being deployed against jihadists”. The op-ad was titled, “Why Are We Sending This Attack Helicopter to Pakistan?” In his paper titled “A New U.S. Approach to Pakistan: Enforcing Aid Conditions without Cutting Ties” Haqqani suggested to the US that if Pakistan fails to halt its support for terrorists in Afghanistan and across the region, the U.S. should stop giving Pakistan military aid or equipment, consider designating it a state sponsor of terrorism, and threaten its status as a major non-NATO ally. In his book titled “Pakistan on the Brink”, Ahmed Rashid, has written that anti-American sentiment in Pakistan is whipped up by the military and intelligence agencies also manipulated the violent protests against NATO in 2012, following the airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.
In his recent interview to the US media (Army Goodman of the New York Times), Ahmed Rashid stated that, while India, being the dignified regional actor is peacefully observing the diplomatic course in all directions, Pakistan is fuelling insurgency in Afghanistan. In his book titled “Pakistan on the Brink”, Rashid writes that Pakistan’s approach to militant Islam is contradictory; it fights some Jihadists that directly threaten the country’s interests, while utilizing others as proxies against India in Kashmir. In his latest book titled “Descent into Chaos”, Ahmed Rashid writes that after Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, the US committed the mistake of quickly leaving Afghanistan without rebuilding it, and it also continued to ignore the Pakistani government’s support of the Taliban and the other Islamic extremists. In view of the above discussion, there is a need to investigate as to why these intellectuals are writing against Pakistan’s national interest and they be suggested to avoid such write ups as these contribute to strengthening the anti-Pakistan narrative of its enemies to tarnish its image.
—The writer, retired Lt Col, is a freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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