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Mahrukh A Mughal

BRITAIN’s fate in Europe and European Union citizen’s future in United Kingdom has to be decided and Theresa May wants to resolute this enigma in a prospective charge. It’s so upsetting for the British people that leaving European Union left them in disguise with unsettling terms of separation. Once the Article 50 would get triggered than talks for two years will be initiated based on the departure of Britain’s exit from EU and its further dealing of future relationship will be taken on. And if, negotiations would not get settled within the targeted frame of time than it may get extended with authorization of all 28-member states.
The biggest blow to Brexit’s bill desists to adopt without amendment inflicted by the House of Lords apropos to protection of EU citizens in UK and the government is being accused of acting towards EU citizens as “Bargaining Chips.” And prior to voting on Bill, peers in Lords were insisted to respect the “voters” choice of Brexit. Thereafter, May’s exhortation to Lords in backing up the bill with respect to “voter’s” choice of Brexit and than sitting in Lords single out an unusual act of her’s in the process. Some of the reasonable changes are demanding to take place over the bill, however MP is already backing the proposed law’s to authorize to inform Theresa May of UK’s intention to leave the EU. A fix is to be seen by the crossbenchers and opposition over the matter of rights and guarantees to the citizens of EU in Britain.
Despite Brexit has been processed, Theresa May has not made provisions to guarantee rights of EU citizens so prior she wants other member states accord with an equivalent deal. The premises of referendum primarily surrounds to immigration and trade. Prescribed Trade-offs have been suggested by many of the lawmakers of UK so in order to achieve the finest credible deal for the people of UK over free movement of trade with Europe especially on services and goods will get too harder for UK to impose controls over the migration of EU at the same time. The relationship of UK with European Union is yet to be elucidated on clear and solid principles, as whether the UK would refuse to compromise on the matter of free movement of people and will any country outside from Europe could comply to trade on the set principles of World Trade Organization.
So the Brexit terms are indeed complex, or possibly a permissive way, dare compromised on the free movement of people in magnitude to have the approach of a single market. UK would possibly follow up the patterns of intricate proportions of closeness in maintaining its relationship with Europe. Complying with the EU laws like Norway, Switzerland or like Canada with its preferential access to single market by fair compromising on free movement or to bilaterally set itself with multiple trading agreements. It would be harder for UK to emancipate itself from free access of people, services and capital from 27 EU states. Post-Brexit transition would be tougher though Theresa May want the maximum control of its government in allowing work permits. Though visa refusals would be taking more of a chance which once given on the basis of skills. MP’s are debating again on the brexit Bill and many of others wanted to have a discussion on it. It’s harder task to exit from political and economic alliance of 28 member states that helps Britain to foster its economy in cooperation and avoided to go against one another.
Now beyond brexit, UK has to opt for new options in managing its relationship as a non-EU state by following up varying degrees of relationship styles as do like Norway, Switzerland, Canada and Turkey do manages to. Norway avails the opportunity to access the single market by following up majority of EU laws. So therefore, Britain need friends with the world and anything in common will help in establishing relations among each other to amplify better beneficial deals for Britain. Approximately, about a decade is needed for negotiating the trade deals as once Britain is out of the EU.
Brexit has thoroughly been the most expensive of referendum ever in British Political history as for about 60 billion of Euros, which is about 51 billion of pounds to be given after initiation of Brexit talks. A white paper policy document has published 12 principles for negotiations with EU including trade, expats, immigration, border, sovereignty, devolution etc with which no clear terms to exit are decided. Though, Theresa May percept EU-UK relation’s final deal on Brexit in both houses of Parliament and behind that hefty bill is the determination to put “Control” on immigration as on the movement of EU citizens to UK with that wanting a “Bold” agreement with EU on Free Trade despite no integration of single market, not to perpetuate full authorization of customs union, instead will look for some forms of custom consents with EU will keep on making payments to EU after brexit but no as vast as before and UK wants a gradual process of implementation on any deals as to abstain from disruptive cliff edge.
End of March, the process of leaving will begin as Article 50 will get triggered. If there be completion of a trade deal with EU within two years of negotiation that it would termed an “ideal outcome” of Brexit. As the British Chambers of Commerce wants businesses should therefore be allowed to hire low-skilled and skilled workers from EU. But in case, if there would not be any favourable trading agreement settled with EU in two years than tenure would therefore be extended with agreement of all European Union states. So this resultant massive outcome of referendum will spell its beans on the future of every single individual of Britain. But some optimistic views as, “in every reason it would be a “win-win” deal with EU in two years.” Theresa May is so do taking up things very orderly but a decade is needed to negotiate and to decide trade deals, once it went out of EU but as she is hoping and determined to make a clean break and not to go in any condition that put the UK “a half way in and a half way out.” So believing on notion that government should take right actions in the light of truth.
— The writer is political analyst based in Lahore.

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