Unconvincing British clarification

STARTING its malicious campaign from Geneva against Pakistan, World Baloch Liberation (WBO) a listed terrorist outfit in Pakistan and many other countries including the UK, is surprisingly further expanding its drive in London without any check. After taxi advertisements and roadside billboards there, the outfit is now using the buses for anti-Pakistan slogans of ‘Free Balochistan’ — something that is a direct attack on Pakistan’s integrity and sovereignty. Pakistan had very rightly registered a strong protest with the British High Commission Thomas Drew in Islamabad when the campaign was first launched on the cabs but in a rare and complete diplomatic U-turn, the High Commissioner stated Wednesday that the British government does not and cannot control the advertising in the UK.
Though the British High Commissioner in his statement while showing respect for sovereignty of Pakistan said Balochistan is and will continue to be its integral part, yet the statement on the advertisements is not understandable and convincing. We say so as the advertisements on the London buses is not sort of promotion of any product but an attempt by a banned terrorist outfit to malign a country at the international level. How could the British authorities allow a terrorist outfit to move and act freely as allowing so is contrary to international norms and laws. In fact the London’s public transport authority itself had admitted to remove the advertisements as they breach its guidelines. We expect the British government to take necessary action against those who are behind this dirty campaign that is undoubtedly being backed by India to divert world attention from continued atrocities in occupied Kashmir. In fact it is not the people of Balochistan but the people of occupied Kashmir that are seeking freedom from the oppression and tyranny of brutal Indian clutches. The fact can be ascertained by sending a fact-finding mission to the occupied territory, which the Indian side will never permit. Those claiming themselves as the flag bearers or proponents of human rights should rather launch an advertisement campaign in the western capitals that highlight the genuine plight of Kashmiri people.

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