Unconditional support

Pakistan is running short of its water resources and precious water in substantial quantity is going into the sea as sheer waste more that what is technically required to pass under Kotri Barrage for lack of major storage facility and as such direly needs to construct major dam at the earliest possible as time is fast running out.
It is good to note that more and more voices are being raised by different sectors for multi-purpose Kalabagh Dam which has been extensively researched, investigated as well as criticized and condemned for a very very long time. Kalabagh is the only natural site for major reservoir, it can be constructed in the shortest possible time of six years after a “go ahead” signal.
The green signal for construction of Kalabagh Dam, which can generate 2400 to 3600 megawatt of cheap electricity and store more than 7 million acres of feet (MAF) of precious water for irrigation purposes in all the four provinces, is somehow hampered by ever elusive national consensus as the politicians from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh are opposed to its construction more on political grounds than on technical grounds. The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has broken its long silence and announced its unconditional full support to construction of Kalabagh Dam in the wake of issue of construction of major water storage being deliberated at the level of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
According to the reports in the media, FPCCI Acting President and Vice-President have issued a joint statement in Islamabad terming construction of Kalabagh Dam as imperative to the survival of the country which is already suffering from acute shortage of water. This is to request the opponents to open their eyes, minds and hearts and realize that construction of Kalabagh Dam is essentially required for the survival of our future generations.

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