Uncertain political situation

Urooj Fatima

Karachi was called the city of lights, but unfortunately from many years it is just a dream to calls Karachi the city of lights. Karachi faces many problems and difficulties since many years. I am also a resident of this city which is facing many difficulties nowadays. The citizens face the issues like shortage of water, traffic problems, uncertain political situations and unforeseen social issues.
The uncertain political situation has become the mother of all problems and issues confronting the city of Karachi. It is difficult for the common people to survive, especially those who earn daily wages for their families. The political turmoil gives way to strikes, shut-down calls, killings and resultant demonstrations and traffic jams due to which it is difficult to reach offices and educational institutes and also to the hospital with the serious patients. I appeal the concerned authorities to resolve the basic issues of Karachi and restore it once again as the city of lights.

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