Unavailability of life saving drug

Abdul Qadir

Hepatitis-C (HCV) is called the AIDS of the poor countries because both these diseases are deadly and spread in the same way, i.e. by mixing of blood of a disease positive person with the blood inside of a victim’s body. Body secretions such as saliva, conjugal exchange and almost all body fluids have the capacity to infect humans. With quackery in Pakistan so common and the illiterate sick public not ready to be treated without receiving an injection and the quacks using the same syringe again and again on every patient, the danger of spread of HCV is enormous in our country. Barbers, ear-piercers, tooth-extractors, tea-purveyors rinsing their cups in the same tainted water repeatedly in a bucket, fruit juice sellers doing the same thing, also contribute a lot to this disease. An estimate puts every fourth Pakistani as being afflicted with HCV. In the past, there was no other treatment except injections which were very costly and beyond the range of the poor. Later, a medicine namely Sofosbuvir (tablet) was invented which initially was expensive but with the intervention of the present Government the cost is now manageable. Finally, let me mention that Sofosbuvir tablet was available at the DHQ Hospital Muzaffargarh until recently but is no more in stock now. The people of Muzaffargarh are poor, and probably most affected by Hepatitis-C, therefore the Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is entreated to ensure uninterrupted supply of Sofosbuvir tablets at the DHQ Hospital Muzaffargarh and let the people of the area be grateful.

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