Unannounced load shedding in Swabi irks fasting residents

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The unannounced longer load shedding in Swabi’s areas has irked the residents in the hot season amid the month of Ramdan. As per schedule the authorities in Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) are allowed for only eight hours long load shedding. The authorities, however, are instructing officials for carrying out more than 12 hours long load shedding in major villages like Ismailla, Dobian and other areas of Swabi I.
The practice is going on despite the government promises to not allow cutting off power supply beyond the announced schedules. ‘For what we are punished when we pay bills,’ said Rehman, a resident of Ismailla village. ‘We never know as when the electricity would go off and when the supply would be restored,’ he further said. Salim, resident of Adina village said that the unannounced load shedding not only make their life miserable in the hot season but also causes damages to several electrical appliances in their houses.
Another resident of Ismailla said that Swabi is giving profit to the PESCO but the company feels no liability toward its customers who pay bills and taxes regularly. A PESCO officials who was not allowed to speak to media, told NNI on condition of anonymity that no doubt unannounced load shedding is going on but the instructions came from higher authorities and ‘we have to implement it’.
NNI tried to contact XEN of PESCO’s Power Distribution Center Akhtar Hussain on his phone but he was not available for comments. The locals demanded of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, the government and authorities to take notice of the situation and immediately stop unannounced load shedding in their areas.
Meanwhile, it is reported from Mirpurkhas that Hesco Mirpurkhas division authorities have ignored directives of Prime Minister to keep supply power continue during the final cricket match between Pakistan-India as power supply was disconnected in different sub divisions to follow scheduled load shedding on Sunday. Report said that Hesco Mirpurkhas division authorities avoided the order of prime minister and implemented on its load shedding schedule as disconnected the power supply to the different sub divisions including affected areas Paki Colony, Rajar Colony, Nawab Colony, Mehran Colony, Siaal Colony.

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