Unacceptable US terms

THE United States has been pressurising Pakistan for quite some time on different pretexts yet what exactly Washington wanted Islamabad to do was not clear as far as layman in Pakistan was concerned. It is now official that apart from seeking comprehensive cooperation in the war against terror, the United States also wants Pakistan not to move closer to China and also ‘to find opportunities to improve things with India’.
The terms spelt out by Assistant Secretary of Defence for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs Randall G Schriver during talk at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace at Washington clearly mean what Secretary of State and US military chief are going to demand during their visit to Islamabad. All the key points explained by the American official are totally unacceptable and amount to arms twisting of Pakistan. It is strange that the United States wants sincere cooperation of the country in counter-terrorism campaign but is making it clear that there would be no restoration of security assistance till the war in Afghanistan ends and that more restrictions could be imposed on Pakistan. This effectively means no bilateral cooperation and engagement as far as Washington is concerned and it is now for Pakistan to fight an American-imposed war from its own limited resources.
The most disgusting is the concern expressed by the United States over growing ‘economic ties’ between Pakistan and China. Objections to ‘economic aspect’ of Pak-China relations is a clear message that the United States is not happy over prospects of development and prosperity in Pakistan in the wake of monumental CPEC projects that have the potential to make the country economically sovereign, getting rid of all sorts of foreign dictation in the name of economic and financial assistance. What the US Assistant Secretary of Defence has said publicly now must be in the knowledge of our policy and decision-makers much earlier and they would have evolved a strategy to handle the situation wisely. People of Pakistan would never allow bartering away of national sovereignty, prestige and hopefully our interlocutor would make this point very clear to American visitors.

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