Unacceptable US demand

Javaid Bashir

American Secretary of State John Kerry has said, “We stand by Islamabad in fight against terrorism. He appreciated the Pakistan’s efforts to facilitate conciliation in Afghanistan. Both the countries will have to work in the commerce and trade, investment, education, implementation of laws and regional stability sectors.
Kerry was addressing a meeting of Pak-American Strategic dialogue process revision held in Washington. He said this dialogue affirms new resolve and strong partnership against terrorism based on mutual respect and interests. He also condemned the terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University. He termed it an attempt to halt the Journey towards future progress. He also appreciated the sacrifices of soldiers during the Operation Zarb-e-Azb.
He demanded that Pakistan should limit its Nuclear capability and reduce nuclear arsenals. In simplistic terms it is an absurd demand and against our security and safety. I think in view of the regional peace situation and consistent LOC violations by India, we cannot even think of even considering such a demand aimed at weakening our defence.
One the one hand America has soft corner for India and has entered into civil nuclear deal with it, despite our concerns. We have been strategic partner of American war on terrorism for over a decade but every now and then demands to do more have been the mantra of the US Administration.
This new demand is absolutely unreasonable and cannot be accepted. We must say big NO to such demands. We can never compromise on the matters of our national security and safety. Pakistan has always maintained minimum nuclear deterrence. Government’s meek response has always made things worse. We must stand firm on such matter of foreign and defence policy. We must reject this demand. It compromises our defence.
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