Unabated honour killings

KARACHI police on Monday exhumed the bodies of a young couple believed to have murdered by their families in a so-called honour killing. The couple was from the Kohistan tribal district and their families are settled in Karachi.
There are reports that the man was already married with three children and eloped his 21-year old cousin and their action was surely against teachings of Islam and societal norms. However, this, in no way, gives license to the family members or relatives to take law into their own hands as this gives an impression of law of the jungle in the country. There is police and courts and the families should have reported the incident to them if they committed a crime. It is all the more disgusting that the honour killing took place in the city of Quaid, who exhorted people to abide by law. In a similar incident, a teenage couple was electrocuted in the city by their relatives and in September this year a couple was given electric shocks at the instance of jirga. All this confirms reports by human rights groups that honour killings are on the rise in the country and the authorities must take stringent measures to stem them. There are no credible official figures on “honour” killings because they often go unreported or are passed off as suicide or natural deaths by family members. But as an indication, 1100 women were killed throughout the country in 2015 alone and in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province 94 women have been murdered by close family members so far this year. Apart from loss of lives and mockery of the laws, the trend also brings bad name to this State of the Quaid. The practice can be stemmed if police carries out impartial investigations, gathers necessary evidence and courts carry out trial expeditiously, bringing the culprits to book.

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