UN urged to play role against HRs violations

Observer Report


Network for Human Rights and Justice has urged the United Nations to play its due role against the grave human rights violations across the globe, particularly in the Muslim world.
In a statement released here, Lubna Azad, secretary-general Network for Human Rights and Justice said that it gives her real psychic jolt once she hears about so many violations of human rights which occur after almost every second all around the world in general and Muslim world in particular.
“Why this discrimination in particular”, she questioned. She also condemned the dual standards of the UN over the violations of human rights.
She asked the UN authorities to look into these violations and at least stand up against them above all the factors keeping aside and just keeping in mind the humanity. Condemning the human rights violations, she asked to stop the genocide of Muslim in various places.
She said Palestinians are brutally killed by Israeli occupied forces especially picking up the young girls and molesting them. She said a video clip reveals that Palestinian lady was arrested by the Israeli soldiers and thrown in a vehicle despite her small daughters were crying and chasing the vehicle in which their mother was taken away.
She said Rohengian Muslims are expelled from their homes and many are looted and killed and girls are raped. .

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