UN removes Israeli posters on Jerusalem

New York—The Islamic Group in New York, in close cooperation with the Arab Group, succeeded in getting Israel to dismantle a photo exhibition at the UN corridors in New York a day after it was opened. The exhibition included posters depicting Jerusalem as the capital of the occupation state. The move came against the backdrop of the OIC’s position which emphasizes the right of the Palestinians to establish their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.
The Permanent Representative of the State of Kuwait, Ambassador Mansour Ayad Al-Otaibi, in his capacity as the head of the Islamic Group, sent a letter to the Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, in which he expressed the Islamic Group’s strong denunciation of Israel mounting posters expressing clear violation of international resolutions, particularly those of the Security Council which reject Israel’s occupation of the Holy City. Al-Otaibi demanded the immediate removal of the posters. The letter reiterated that staging the exhibition is legally, politically and morally wrong, a situation that must be corrected immediately without delay. He stated that the occupation state should not be allowed to display what represents a violation right inside the international organisation which does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.
It should be mentioned that some individuals from the Israeli mission removed the rejected posters from their stand in the exhibition after the pressure mounted by the Group. A joint delegation representing the two Groups and the State of Palestine will meet with senior officials of the United Nations to ensure that the leave to stage the exhibition is condemned and that such is not repeated in the future, given that such is a violation of the United Nations resolutions.—Email

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