UN failure to solve global disputes destabilizes world:KPI

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The Secretary-General Kashmir Peace Institute (KPI) Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi has warned that the failure of the United Nations Security council to settle old and new territorial and political global disputes lying before it for the past 70 years is contributing towards destablizing the world both geographilly and trade-wise.
Talking to a badge of newsmen here Tuesday he said that today East, West, North and South of the globe are enmeshed in dangerous frictions, but the UN is not forthcoming to grapple the issues. Thus efficacy of the UN as a world peace organization is dwindling year by year. It is most unfortunate that the 192 member states of the UN are not taking any interest in arresting this shocking inattentive trend, he regretted.
Replying a question he particularized Kashmir, Palestine, Nogorno-Karacbch, division of Korean peninsula, arrogant Taiwan, South China Seas islands, Sino-Japan friction, Manila-Washington bitterness, emergence of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan as new bloodbath centers, fratricidal Yemen conflict, internal estrangement of the Sudans, hegemonic mapping by India in Southern Asia, Nepal in particular, ethnic murders in Myanmar, thousands of migrants drowned daily in international seas and many more.
These are, he termed, as the major signs of international destabilization coming the wake of lethargy of the United Nations Security Council. The present day globe has in fact drowned into an unending chaos witnessed coolly by the super powers who are silent spectators around bloody turmoil like Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanista.
Major unsolved disputes belong to the Asiatic region and their non-solutions are direct threat to the geo-econo stability of two neighboring powers also – China and Russia.
Periodically Pakistan and India come at the brink of breaking war over Jammu and Kashmir, a dispute hibernating in US Security Council almirahs for past 70 years. It is a running issue. Kashmiris are dying daily. World is seeing the gory scenes with its own eyes, but reacting less, sleeping more over it, he remarked.
Asked to explain his concept of peace war the Secetary General Kashmir Peace Institute said that times have come that instead of land grabbing wars, peace wars should be started. By peace war we mean that the regions deficit of peace should be concentrated upon.

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