UN demands Syrian regime tackle political transition

United Nations

The UN envoy to Syria has demanded the Syrian regime address the political transition at the next round of peace talks. “l intent to convene intra-Syria talks again in early September and l have asked the parties to be ready to offer clear, substantive position on issues across all four baskets,” Staffan de Mistura told reporters after the latest round of Syria peace talks.
The talks were expected to focus on Syria’s Constitution, governance, elections and the fight against terrorism — the same issues that have been discussed previously.
De Mistura met with both sides separately during the talks. “We hope that we will be pushing them to sit in the same room,” de Mistura said.
The UN envoy said he has not seen any indications so far the Syrian regime wanted to tackle the political transition issue. “l have been asking them for the next round to be ready to address political process,” he said. The head of the main opposition delegation at the ongoing talks in Geneva, Nasr al-Hariri, said Friday the regime used chemical weapon in the East Ghouta neighborhood of Damascus on Friday that injured many people.
On Wednesday, Hariri called on the UN to put pressure on the regime after its “refusal” to join political negotiations.—Agencies

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