UN Chief endorses Pak stand on Kashmir

THE response of the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon to the letter written to him by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif drawing his attention towards grave human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and the need for implementation of the decades-old UN resolutions on Kashmir is a clear testimony that the international community understands the situation and is appreciative of the principled stand taken by Pakistan. The UN Chief has lauded Pakistan’s resolve for peaceful settlement of the dispute and deplored loss of precious human lives in Occupied Kashmir.
This should be an eye-opener for India, which has been trying to hide behind the excuse that trouble in Occupied Kashmir stems from terrorism and cross-LoC infiltration and that Kashmir is its integral part. This is negation of India’s own position in initial years of dispute and commitment made to people of Kashmir as well as pledges of the international community made through UN resolutions, which call for a fair and just plebiscite under UN auspices to determine the fate of people of Jammu and Kashmir. However, we believe that mere response to the letter is not sufficient and the United Nations has an obligation to stop shedding of blood of innocent people in Occupied Kashmir, which is nothing but state terrorism. Secondly, one would welcome the offer made by Mr. Ban Ki-moon that he is ready to facilitate dialogue on Kashmir but the condition attached to it that request for the purpose should come both from India and Pakistan. While Pakistan is more than willing to welcome the UN facilitation, India has all along been rejecting such offers because it has no case on Kashmir and is a mere occupation force perpetrating all kinds of brutalities on Kashmiris to suppress their voice for freedom. It would have been more appropriate if the UN Chief would have addressed a similar letter to the Indian Prime Minister urging him to stop human rights violations in Held Kashmir and cooperate with the UN for holding of a plebiscite. Kashmir has become a nuclear flash-point and practical measures are needed to address the root cause of tension in the region.

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