Ummah unity inevitable to face US designs: Siraj


LAHORE : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the unity of the Muslim Ummah was inevitable to face the US designs against the Muslim world. He was talking to the Pakistan envoy in Denmark Zulfiqar Gardezi, during a visit to the embassy there. He also called on a renowned Muslim scholar Sheikh Fawad Al-Barazi.

Sirajul Haq said that if the Muslim world did not rise above its differences realizing the demand of the hour, the enemy would target them one by one. He said the blood of the Muslims was being shed in Iraq, Afghanistan and several other parts of the world but ironically, the charge of terrorism was also being leveled on the Muslims. Nobody was taking note of the terrorism going on against the Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine, Gaza, India and Myanmar, he said.

The JI chief said that the Muslim Ummah was facing the present situation only because of the cowardly attitude of its rulers who were supporting the anti Islam US policies.

He said if the 56 Muslim states adopted a common policy and joined their ranks, they could easily face the biggest force of the infidels. He said that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran could jointly strive to steer the Ummah out of the present precarious situation.

During his meeting with sheikh Fawad Al-Barazi, the JIP chief urged the Ulema and Khatibs to raise their voice against the US threats and help promote the feelings of unity and harmony among the Ummah. He appealed the teaching community, lawyers and students to hold seminars and conferences and adopt resolutions to condemn US threats.

Sirajul Haq said that Pakistan was confronted with threats from all sides because of the policies of its rulers who were agents of the international establishment. He said the JI had opposed joining the US war from the very beginning but the rulers had put the national interest at stake against US interests. As a result, the country had suffered loss of more than 70 thousand lives both of civil and military besides financial losses to the tune of beyond one hundred billion dollars.

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