Ulema urged to preach moderate message of Islam

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Imam-e-Kabatullah Al- Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al-Sudais said that Muslim Ulema, Scholars and intellectuals should preach moderate message of Islam all over the world.
He said Islamic teachings have no association with extremism, terrorism and sectarian violence. While lauding endeavours of Pakistan Ulema Council for unity of Muslim Ummah and appreciating services of PUC for seeking measures in connection of security and defense of Harmain Al Sharifain, Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al- Sudais awarded a honorary shield to Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council. Imam-e-Kabatullah Al-Sudais said on this occasion that it is responsibility of each and every Muslim of the world to play his respective role for unity of Muslim Ummah.
He urged on Muslim Ummah to seek guidance from Al-Quran in face of challenges and difficulties. He reiterated that with grace of Allah Almighty, prevailing phase of crisis on Muslim world will come to an end and Allah’s name will be called from each corner of the world. He said that people of Pakistan are fighting against menace of terrorism courageously and Pak Armed Forces as well people of Pakistan are worthy of encouragement and praise for this heroic deed.
Prevailing challenges of Muslim Ummah could only be addressed with unity of Ummah and Abdul Rehman Al-Sudais appealed to Muslim community specifically to people of Pakistan to pursue moderate way and stay away from extremist practices. He also stated that Ahmed is have no affiliation and association with Islam adding that a continued preaching sequel will be soon started in Harmain Al Sharifain on topic of finality of Prophethood.
Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi talking to Abdul Rehman Al-Sudais expressed gratitude for awarding the honourary shield to Pakistan Ulema Council and stated that his kindness and affectionate attitude towards people of Pakistan is like an asset and every Pakistani is knotted with Harmain Al Sharifain in relation of faith and loyalty.
Thousands of faithful Muslim youths are ready and willing to lay their lives for defense and security of Harmain Al Sharifain, said Ashrafi. Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi also stated that honourary shield for Pakistan Ulema Council from Imam-e-Kabatullah is honour and prestige and recognition for services of Pakistan Ulema Council for unity of Ummah adding that PUC has always voice for the cause of unity of Ummah.

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