Ulema pay glowing tributes to Shahbaz for development in Punjab


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An Ulema Convention organized by the Punjab government held at Aiwan-e-Iqbal under Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif in which respected religious personalities of Pakistan from all schools of thought participated. The chief minister delivered a forceful, convincing and emotion speech on the matter of the finality of Prophethood (PBUH) and the tweet of the US president. Addressing the convention, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said the belief in the finality of Prophethood (PBUH) is the basic part of our religion and those who do not believe in the finality of the Prophethood (PBUH) are considered expelled from the religion and they are non-Muslims and are creating fitna in the religion.
He said Qadianis are non-Muslims and cause of creating Fitna in the religion. He paid glowing tribute to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for holding a successful convention and said this is a welcome step and government took timely measures to tackle the situation created in connec-tion with the finality of the Prophethood (PBUH) and the steps taken by the government are praise-worthy.
Allam Syed Riyaz Hussain Najafi said CPEC is a great blessing and the Punjab government under the leadership of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken revolutionary measures in all social sectors including education and health and these revolution steps will produce fruits when there will be peace and national harmony in the society. Maulana Ilyas Chinoti said due to in time steps taken by the gov-ernment on the issue it was resolved and the chief minister of Punjab raised his voice on this matter first of all when this issue was created.
He said the exemplary development in the Punjab is praised inside and outside the country.
Allama Dr Moham-med Hussain Akbar said some people adopted a wrong way for their personal benefits regarding the situation on the finality of Prophethood (PBUH) and it caused the loss of billions of rupees to the coun-try. Allama Syed Chiraghuddin said Chief Minister Shahbaz is an undisputed personality and we pray that Allah Almighty provide him the chance to serve the whole country.
He said CM Shahbaz Sharif has made Punjab an exemplary province in terms of development and thousands of people are benefiting from the welfare projects like Metro Bus project. Maulana Muhammad Khan Leghari said today’s gathering has express complete confidence in the chief minister and Ulema have love and respect for the chief minister. He said Shahbaz Sharif and his family are serving as the soldier of the religion.
Mufti Intekhab Ahmad Noori said political game is being played on the issue of the finality of Prophethood (PBUH). He paid tribute to CM She-hbaz Sharif for raising voice on this issue first of all.
He said projects life like PKLI, Metro Bus and Or-ange Line are gifts for the people of Punjab. Mau-lana Muhammad Amjad said Chief Minister She-hbaz Sharif raised his voice on the matter of finality of Prophethood (PBUH) first of all and he rightfully played the role of custodian of the belief of the fi-nality of the prophethood.

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