UK’s punish a Muslim day

MUSLIMS in the United Kingdom especially women were forced to stay indoors after a mysterious move by some extremist elements to observe April 3 as ‘Punish a Muslim Day’. Muslim women were advised to stay indoors or avoid using Hijab, while parents were recommended to walk in open spaces and move in groups.
A leaflet of the ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ has been propagating violent acts against the Muslim community encouraging them to conduct acid attacks and assaults along with pulling Hijab off, electrocuting and as well as butchering Muslims. The leaflet also assures rewards for people going forth with these practices, in the form of points ranging from 25 to 10000, depending on the intensity of the action. An organisation called Tell Mama, which monitors anti-Muslim hate crime, told the BBC it had passed to the police evidence of about 20 cases of individuals who received letters referring to “Punish A Muslim Day”. It is good that different communities in the UK fiercely opposed distribution of leaflets on the hate issue and stood by the Muslims. Some of them hosted ‘Love a Muslim Day events’ to show that different communities can live side by side in a city or locality. Britons are mindful that such attempts cause fear and mistrust among communities and divide the society which is not in the interest of a multi-cultural society like the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is home to a sizeable Muslim population which has been playing an active role in national progress and development. Muslims are mostly peaceful but they are being profiled racially and that is why this type of attitude and trends are finding place in the UK. Leave apart Muslims who migrated from Muslims countries around the globe, even those who were born and raised in Western countries are being discriminated on the basis of their religion and creed. And all this is happening in a society, considered being tolerant and liberal, where people believed in peaceful coexistence.

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