Uff ye hospitals

Hospitals are, of course, a symbol of cleanliness, but unfortunately that is not the case, at least, not in our city/country. The condition of hospitals has deteriorated over the years and it has worsened up to the point that people do not even want to visit government hospitals anymore.
The city’s facilities — Civil Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Liaquatabad Hospital, Saudabad Hospital, Qatar Hospital, Sobhraj Maternity Home, Sarfraz Rafique Shaheed Hospital and even Spencer’s and many others — are tormented by the problem of unhygienic atmosphere in and around these facilities. The wards, alleys and even private rooms of the hospitals show us a catastrophic picture. Hospital areas are filled with insects and even stray dogs. A constant unpleasant smell looms over the hospital territory.
Usually there is a huge crowd almost all the time in government hospitals and the Administration is not able to handle the crowd which results in chaos, and is also a threat to those patients who should not be disturbed while sleeping or resting. The hospital staff like nurses and on duty doctors are usually nowhere to be seen. The aim of government hospitals is to facilitate and accommodate those people who are not wealthy enough to afford private hospital bills, but as we can clearly see that this particular sector is failing miserably in fulfilling its aim, because people do not want to visit these hospitals due to their poor and disastrous conditions. Moreover, the concerned authorities are not laying eyes on what should be considered as a serious issue.”

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