Two thousand rupee note..!

The insides of my wallet were all wet this morning. The two thousand rupee note lying there, seemed to have caused the dampness with it’s tears, “What’s wrong?” I asked. “You’ve kept me here for the last two weeks!” wept the note, “I’m meant to be moving from hand to hand!”
“Nobody is willing to accept you!” I said simply. “You liar!” shouted the note, “Look at people queueing outside banks and ATMs for me!” “And then they don’t know what to do with you.” I said, “They might as well have left you inside those machines!” “You haven’t even tried to let me go!” said the two thousand rupee note bitterly.
“Oh I would do anything to have you leave!” I said. “Then try that store over there!” “May I have a coke?” I asked the storekeeper. “Old note or new note?” “Very new note!” I said happily, “See!” “You are mad?” asked the store keeper, “No change for 2000!”
“Did you hear?” I asked my note. “You expect to use me for a single coke?” asked the note incredulously, “I am meant to buy crates!” “Well then, you have come to the wrong person!” I said, “I can afford only a single drink!” “How did I land in a poor man’s wallet?” cried the note, flooding my purse with tears again, “Please give me to somebody who will appreciate my value!”
“Okay!” I said as I climbed the steps of my rich neighbor’s home, “Your wish is my command!” I rang the doorbell and my neighbor came out, “Bob, give me a moment while I speak to my contractor!” “You redesigning again?” I asked.
“Downsizing!” he said, “I don’t need big storage places anymore. With these new two thousand rupee notes, I can have smaller cupboards, smaller almirahs and small secret rooms to hoard my cash!”
I walked with him to a finished room, and saw how neatly the new two thousand rupee notes were stacked, “See how much less space my cash takes now!” said my rich neighbor gleefully. “These new notes are a blessing for us!” “I have one to exchange!” I said.
“No!” screamed the note from my wallet as I hurriedly left my hoarder neighbor’s place, “What’s wrong with you?” I asked sternly, “You wanted to go to people who would appreciate you?” I heard my two thousand rupee note and others in my neighbor’s secret cupboards cry out loudly as they realized the only use the nation had for them..!

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