Two shake hands

During last couple of days, I have seen with lot of interest two photographs which have been published in the newspapers in connection with 18th annual summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Qingdao in China’s Shandong Province. Both the photographs had different impact and meaning for viewers like me and conveyed different message.
One was President Mamnoon Hussain shaking hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping after Xi inaugurated the summit. This photograph of shake hand was true reflection of warm friendship and trust worthy and time tested all-weather relations which Pakistan and China have been enjoying for decades together. These relations are bound to enhance further following this warm and sincere shake hand between the two Presidents.
The other photograph which I saw on Monday was of President Mamnoon Hussain and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shaking hands. This photograph had entirely different impact on me as it apparently lacked sincerity and warmth and was more for world viewing to say that India is extending hands of friendship to Pakistan as a cover up for continued Indian atrocities in the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir {on Kashmiris who are demanding their birth right of self-determination} and persisting violation of ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC).
The shake hand was also an eye wash for the Chinese leadership and other world leaders present there. The Indian leaders are masters in hoodwinking the world opinion and diverting international attention from bitter and bloody realities to such eye washes. Nobody including pro-India lobbyists should not be happy over this shake hand photograph and reports by Indian wire about exchange of pleasantries between the two leaders as all this is merely Indian propaganda to say the least.

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