Two killed in drone attack in KA

Tariq Saeed


The notorious drones or the American CIA operated pilotless planes in yet another strike near the Pak-Afghan border in Kurram agency on Tuesday killed two people.
While there are no confirmed reports about the identity of the fresh drone hit victims, officials claimed those killed included a known militant commander and his comrade. Though the locals insisted the drone attack was carried out in the Pakistani side of the border, the officials say they were yet to ascertain if the strike was made in Pakistani territory or the Afghan land.
Reports reaching here said the unmanned predator planes fired three missiles at a vehicle in Ghoas Garhi area of Kurram Agency near the Pak-Afghan border killing both the occupants on the spot.
“The aircraft believed to be an American drones fired three missiles on a Fielder car in Mata Sangar area of Ghoas Garhi area that completely destroyed the vehicle this morning”. Locals said adding they were not sure about the identity of those killed.
Some officials, however, said there are reports that known militant commander Jamiuddin alias Jumma Khan and his associate were among the dead. “It was not immediately clear whether the missile struck on the Afghan or Pakistani side or the border”. The officials said adding the investigations were going on.
The US drones that have been on the killing spree in the Pakistani tribal belt for the last about a decade have sped up attacks in the Kurram agency in recent months and conducted several strikes in the region alongside the Pak-Afghan border killing scores of people.
The American drones started strikes in the year 2004 and intensified attacks in August 2008. More than three thousand people have so far been killed in over 400 hits mostly in North and South Waziristan agencies.
Out of those strikes, 33 were conducted in 2008 and 53 in 2009. However, the notorious drones struck 118 times in 2010 and more than two dozen attacks were launched in 2011. Likewise scores of drone attacks were conducted in the year 2012 killing hundreds of People. In the year 2014 the drones struck for fifteen times in the Pakistani tribal belt. In the years 2015 and 2016 the ratio of drone attacks, however, remained low.
No doubt, a big majority of the drone’s victims remained the innocent tribals as even admitted by the international watch dogs though the US could also manage to hit few of its wanted men including Mullah Mansoor, Baitullah Masood and Hakimullah Masood. In the meanwhile amid growing resentment among the masses as well as the political forces of the country against the drone hits, all the appeals made by the successive governments in Pakistan to halt the drone strikes always fell on the deaf years of those at the helm of affairs in Washington.
While Pakistani administration pleading that the drone strikes were proving extremely counterproductive against the so called war on terror, the missile hits only added to the hatred of Pakistani people against America.

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