Twin cities remained choked for 3rd consecutive day


Faizabad Interchange has been blocked by the protesters of a religious group for the third consecutive day which has disturbed the smooth business and made the life miserable of the twin cities.
People are unable to reach their respective destinies. Students, employees working in public and private sectors and patients are the utmost affectees of the blockage. Metro Bus Service is operating from Saddar Terminal to Faiz Ahmed Faiz station only.
On Friday, ambulances remained stuck up in traffic jams and had to find alternate routes to hospitals, attendance in educational institutions and offices was thin as majority returned back to their homes after spending hours in the mess.
However, a small number of employees managed to reach their offices using alternate routes, spending three to four hours, burning extra fuel of vehicles and paying exorbitant fare to public transport and Taxi-cabs.
According to the official sources, district administration and local police have made arrangements to block the rally participants from entering into the Red Zone, for which all entry and exit points of the Red Zone, including D-Chowk, have been completely sealed.
Islamabad Traffic Police have devised a traffic diversion plan for the rally and made an appeal to residents to avoid unnecessary travel.
According to the plan, heavy traffic coming from Lahore would be diverted to Rawalpindi from T-Chowk near Rawat, while heavy traffic coming from Peshawar would be diverted to Motorway via Chungi No-26.
The police have advised the residents travelling from Zero Point to Faizabad to use Kashmir Highway and 9th Avenue. While light traffic coming from Koral Chowk to Faizabad for Islamabad, could use Peshawar Road, Rawal Dam Road, Murree Road, 9th Avenue and IJP Road for reaching their destinations in the federal capital.
The traffic coming from Rawal Dam to Faizabad, to use Lehtrar Road, Khanna Bridge and Express Way. Similarly, light traffic coming from Khanna Bridge to Faizabad could use Lehtrar and Park Lane roads.
Negotiations are underway with the protestors. However, the source said no significant success has been achieved yet.—APP

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