TV is hazardous for children

Faryal Jogezai
Via email

I recently happened to watch a documentary about the impact of television on children. How television has affected the children from time to time with the new changes made in the invention. How television has affected the sleep, weight, grades and behaviour. Due to excessive viewing of television, children are socializing less than they should, they are not participating in physical activities like sports, arts and different chores, which badly affect their physical and mental health. Parents engage their children to watch TV instead of giving them books to read. The TV shows that our kids watch are filled with violence and stereotypes. Children watch shows where the super heroes use violence to overpower the villains. Their favourite characters are often shown drinking, smoking and other risky behaviours. The TV advertisers are targeting the kids. Most of the Ads show unhealthy snacks, foods and drinks. The kids do not focus on reading, homework, hobbies and sleeping, which leads to a weak base for the future building. Kids turn violent and bully other kids due to the violence they watch on TV. TV also promotes racism. In TV programs, white are shown to be superior to the black. White people are shown performing good role in movies while blacks are shown as villains. Blacks are always shown aggressive and violent while whites are shown civilized. TV promotes gender discrimination, which leaves bad impact on mind of children. I urge the parents to discourage their children from excessive TV watching, instead they (kids) should focus on their studies which will qualify them for a better future.

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