Turn to saner course on Kashmir

FORMER Indian Finance Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Sunday took a dig at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government for its failure to restore peace in occupied Kashmir, describing the Kashmir issue a long pending dispute concerning accession. Congress might disassociate itself from the statement of its leader but it is fact that the people of Kashmir from day one have never accepted nor will do so the illegal Indian occupation of the Valley despite facing decades of persecution and atrocities at the hands of Indian forces.
Ever since installation of Modi as the Prime Minister, the situation in the occupied Valley is brewing up as incumbent Indian government has broken all records of oppression by use of different kinds of weapons, which not only have killed hundreds of people but also blinded thousands of others through the use of pellet ammunition. Saner elements within Indian society are cognizant of the fact that the people of Kashmir cannot be silenced by sheer use of force. Voices are also being raised in India that no purpose will be served by pretending that there is no issue or there is no dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. The very statement of Chidambaram as well as by some others from cross section of Indian society is reflective of the fact that there is growing realisation within India now that solution of the lingering dispute lies only in negotiations and political means. Already both Pakistan and India have fought wars but the dispute stands unresolved since 1947. It is time for the Modi Junta to give ears to saner voices, shun the course of animosity and confrontation and sincerely engage with Pakistan and the genuine Kashmiri leadership to find a permanent solution to the dispute which in fact could herald a new era of cooperation in different fields between the two countries and serve the purpose of ridding the region from chronic problems of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness.

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