Turkish situation back to normal: Ambassador

Thanks to govt and people of Pakistan for their support to democratic government: Amb. Girgin

Liaqat Toor

Islamabad—The situation in Turkey after the coup attempt by a small military group belonging to Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) against the constitutional government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is back to normal now, said Turkish Ambassador Sadik Babur Girgin on Friday.
The Ambassador who has returned from Turkey last night was briefing a group of media persons in the embassy on the ground reality which he has witnessed during his stay in Turkey.
Dispelling the impression created by western media reports about Gulenist coup attempt, he said less than one per cent of military men, about four helicopter gunships, same number of F-16s and some tanks were involved in attacks on Parliament building, civilians on the Istanbul bridge, Presidential Compound and Istanbul airport on July 15. Parliament was in session when it was attacked 10 to 11 times, said the ambassador.
An estimated two hundred civilians were martyred while 1400 were wounded in the attacks. “It was not act of armed forces and its command but a small section came on the streets that were foiled by the people while risking their lives,” he said. State television was captured by the rebels. Turkish media largely opposed armed attempt to down democratically elected government.
All political parties within and outside parliament stood against this adventurism, the envoy said and added so far, 7,423 plotters have been detained and fair trial is underway against them.
Similarly, some elements have links with Fethullah Gulen group in educational institutions, judiciary and bureaucracy have been suspended to be tried under the law. The coup lasted only for four to five hours. Attempts were made against President Tayyip Erdogan who was in Marmaris town at that time but after a while he was in Istanbul with the people.
He thanked the people and the government of Pakistan for their immediate support to the elected government of Tayyip Erdogan. Pakistan and turkey have very cordial, friendly and brotherly relations. Both the countries are cooperating with each other and every planned event in on schedule. Turkish people consider Pakistan their second home. Pakistani media and the civil society also extended support to Turkish people and their constitutional government.
He expressed his disappointment on the coverage made by western media about the coup attempt. The Ambassador was also complaining about the initial reaction from some of the countries which were claiming to be democratic nations.
To a question on clamping of emergency in Turkey he said it was passed by the Turkish Parliament to deal with emergency situation. Every act of the government will be under the law of the land which will be approved by the Parliament. Similarly, he said the issue of re-introduction of death sentence will also go through the process of Parliament.
Babur Girgin said Turkey is a democratic country which has been facing terrorism by terror organizations including PKK and Daesh. Unfortunately, some western countries have double standards to deal with such organizations including Gulen Terror Organisation. Turkey also expects action from the US government against cleric Fathullah Gulen holed up in the US.
Turkey is following a policy of appeasement with all countries including its neighbors. It has mended ties with Russia. Some press reports suggest that the Turkish pilot who had shot down Russian fighter in Syria was also part of the recent Turkish coup. He is has been detained.
The Ambassador also offered Fateh for the martyrs in Turkey during the briefing.
During the briefing Yunus Mert General Manager Islamabad said Turkish Airline did not allow its flight schedule to be disturbed between Pakistan and Turkey for a longer period during the coup attempt. Initially, when Istanbul Airport came under control of the rebels for a brief period, two flights were cancelled. But, soon situation was normal and all four flights operating daily from Pakistan to Istanbul were on schedule. Turkish Airline operates flights to 116 countries with 250 destinations, he said.

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