Turkish military too under terrorist attack

ONCE considered a beacon of stability between Middle East and Europe, Turkey too has recently been witnessing an increase in terrorist attacks. In the latest despicable act in capital Ankara on Wednesday, a car bomb targeted the Turkish military convoy close to the military headquarters, killing twenty-eight people and leaving scores of others injured. There was no immediate indication as to who carried out the terror act.
Terrorists often choose easy and soft targets such as markets, schools and other public places to perpetrate their nefarious acts not only to cause death and destruction but also spread fear and panic amongst the people. However, selecting a hard target like hitting a heavily guarded convoy of military services vehicles by the terrorists in Ankara is beyond any comprehension as in such a case the terrorists run the risk of being intercepted often with potentially lethal force. Also in Pakistan, the military installations have faced a series of terrorist attacks in recent years including 2009 attack on General Headquarters Rawalpindi, May 2011 attack on PNS Mehran in Karachi and August 2012 attack on PAF Minhas airbase in Kamra. Last September also saw the terrorists, who reportedly entered from Afghanistan, storming the PAF base at Badaber, Peshawar and killing twenty nine people including officials of the air force in indiscriminate firing. Such terror attacks could be averted with good intelligence and intercepting the terrorist cells before the attack takes place. This would also send a positive signal to masses about their security and safety as well. In the ranks of outfits like Taliban, there is an impression about Pakistan’s military and may be also about the Turkish military that they are taking forward the agenda of the United States and other powers. Anyhow, the attack on the armed forces of Muslim countries is a worrisome phenomenon. In our view Pakistan and Turkey as well as other Muslim countries should thoroughly examine the reasons behind such attacks and work in a collaborative mode to effectively counter them.

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