Turkey underlined Islam’s messages of peace, stresses Muslims solidarity

OIC conference on mediation

At the first OIC Conference on Mediation here, the member countries underlined the true spirit of Islam being a religion of peace. They stressed the need to promote solidarity of the Muslim world.
Addressing the conference the deputy foreign minister of Turkey Mr. Ahmet Yidiz said, he hoped that the conference will contribute to the efforts to carry the mediation agenda forward in the OIC geography and to promote sustainable peace in the Islamic world.
Referring to the agonies of the Muslims world he presented a graphic picture of the tragic situation. “In 2015, 30 of 50 conflicts recorded worldwide occurred in OIC countries…As a direct outcome, today OIC countries account for 61.5% of all displaced population in the world….Moreover, 71% of people who globally require humanitarian assistance reside in OIC countries.” He noted that the challenges have never been as complex, multifaceted and contagious as they are today.
“Against this backdrop, we have no other option but to act together in a true spirit of Islamic solidarity and cooperation,” he emphasised. He said, IC has a huge potential and a genuine comparative advantage in the global search for peace and stability.
“ In this potential to come true, we need more sound initiatives in the context of global peacemaking agenda. Mediation is the right tool to do this. It is a cost-effective instrument with extensive benefits. He pointed to the Quramic teaching in this context.—PR

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