Turkey moves towards presidential system

TURKISH Parliament has adopted constitutional reforms package proposed by the ruling party that envisages presidential form of government in the country. The amendments would take effect once approved in a national referendum, likely to be held in April this year and government says the proposals to create an executive presidency will ensure simpler and more effective leadership.
Vested interests have been unleashing intensive propaganda alleging that the plan is aimed at strengthening one-man rule but passage of package by Parliament with more than mandatory required votes is clear testimony to the fact that it has the backing of not only Parliament, which represents will of the nation, but also people of Turkey, who have reposed their full confidence in the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Trust of the people in his leadership became crystal clear during failed military coup when hundreds of thousands of Turkish people instantly came out of their houses and that too during night to foil the attempt. Since then, allegations are being levelled against the President by the West and some segments of Turkish society of autocratic approach in the wake of arrests of those who were, in any way, linked to the plan to harm democracy. In any democratic country, such a conspiracy would have been fiercely opposed and condemned but a different view and yardstick is being applied to developments in Turkey only because some powers do not want progress and development of the country and want to scuttle its march towards prosperity. As for presidential system, it doesn’t mean dictatorship as the United States and France are considered to be great democracies despite having presidential form of government. The power that Mr Erdogan is seeking through new reforms package are not aimed at his person but the office of the President, which would go to someone else if he gets no mandate from Turkish people. It is not the system but intentions that matter and Erdogan has, throughout his life, demonstrated unwavering commitment to serve his country and take Turkey to height of progress and development.

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