Turkey boosts PN

PAKISTAN Navy has signed a contract for acquisition of four MILGEM Class Ships with M/S ASFAT A.S, Turkey which is a Military Factory and Shipyard Company under the Ministry of National Defence of the brotherly country. This is a step in the right direction as the contract with Turkey has some of the features that are not only beneficial for Pakistan Navy but also for the country especially because of the provision relating to complete transfer of technology and the transfer of intellectual proprietary rights for the design of these ships to Pakistan.
We have long been emphasizing in these columns that we do not properly negotiate contracts with other countries and as a result Pakistan suffers badly. In many cases we also pay for the technology but it is not transferred to Pakistan. It is important that under the agreement with Turkey, 1st and 2nd ship will be built at Istanbul Naval Shipyard while two ships will be constructed at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KS&EW). A note worthy feature of the contract is that the 4th warship will be designed jointly by Pakistan’s Maritime Technologies Complex (MTC) and will be the first indigenously designed and constructed Frigate. This would not only enhance the industrial production confidence and the ships construction potential but also contribute towards national economy, creating new jobs and development of highly skilled human resource of the Karachi Shipyard. The technology and expertise would also become relevant as Pakistan is aiming to establish a modern shipyard at Gwadar. There is also urgent need to strengthen capability of Pakistan Navy in view of its enhanced role in ensuring security of maritime trade and CPEC, which is facing various threats. We believe that Pakistan’s security and defence needs can be best served by entering into joint ventures with friendly countries.

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