Turkey again takes the lead

AS the recent Israeli state terrorism against innocent and armless Palestinian protestors, which saw the martyrdom of at least sixty people as well as injuries to about two thousand others, has sent a wave of anger in the Muslim world, Turkey has once again come up firmly for the support of oppressed people by summoning the extraordinary session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on May 18. On Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim also made a phone call to Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and invited him to attend the meeting with both leaders agreeing to raise the issue of massacre of Palestinian people at all international forums.
Historically speaking the leadership of both Pakistan and Turkey has always been very articulate and vocal about the rights of Palestinian people for an independent state and spoken very openly and candidly against Israeli atrocities against them. In this context, it is good to see that both the countries are once again joining hands to raise the plight of oppressed people. Earlier on the occasion of the US decision to shift its embassy to occupied Jerusalem, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan whose bold and categorical stance against Israeli tyranny is very much on record had also hosted the meeting of extraordinary meeting of the OIC urging the world to recognise occupied East Jerusalem as the ‘capital of Palestine’ in response to Trump’s decision and declared Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims countries who would never give up on this demand. Indeed the US recognition is against the UNSC resolutions and by doing so the US has not only lost the role of mediator in the Middle East but also hurt the sentiments of entire Muslim Ummah. As another extraordinary session of the OIC is being held, the Muslims across the world expect their leadership take some really concrete steps against the Jewish state while rising above any expediency. Firstly we will recommend that the Muslim countries that enjoy diplomatic relations with Israel sever the relations until and unless the Jewish state shows seriousness for the peace process. Then, the UN should also send a fact-finding mission to Gaza to investigate the recent killings and for this purpose the Muslim countries need to build pressure on the world body. By blocking the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution calling for an independent and transparent investigation into Israeli atrocities has once again exposed the anti-Muslim posture of the US, which will only add anti-US sentiments across the Muslim Ummah. We call upon the US and other major capitals to stand with the oppressed instead of the oppressor.

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