Tunisia marks event of Arab Spring amid tensions


The cradle of the Arab Spring which touched off a chain of uprisings across many Arab nations, has marked seven years since a street vendor set himself on fire in protest and sparked the watershed movement.
Tensions are running high in the North African country, with activist leaders claiming that the authorities are trying to play down the key date in Tunisia’s recent history.
Tunisia has emerged from the upheavals as the one relative success story but it is still experiencing economic and political turbulence.
On Sunday, unemployed protesters and activists marched through the streets of Sidi Bouzid angry over the lack of jobs that continue to plague the country.
The march came a day after security forces fired tear gas at demonstrators after they blocked some roads with tires in the symbolic cradle of the revolution.
Security sources said some 40 members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir group were arrested for trying to hold an unauthorized rally and carrying banners critical of the authorities.
Human rights bodies have denounced the measure as a ploy to extend the arm of the law against political malcontent.—Agencies

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