Shay Ateeq Gulab

Pakistan is among the top six highest incidents of Tuberculosis in the world, with 500,000 new cases detected in 2014. According to research, 70,000 people die of this disease in Pakistan yearly. Above all WHO report estimates that in 2014, 9.6million cases of active tuberculosis and 1.5million deaths were listed. More than 95% of deaths occurred in developing countries. Simply, tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by bacterium generally affecting the lungs and also other parts of body. The numbers of cases are rapidly growing owing to lack of medical facilities.
The most serious consequences occur in children and the elderly. Poor bear the burden of the infectious diseases because of non-existent healthcare. There is a dire need to provide awareness to public about the disease. I urge the government to take steps to control and eradicate the disease from the country.
— Via email

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