TTP, LeJ suspects in cops’ killings in Karachi

Irfan Aligi

Karachi—The law enforcement agencies (LEA) have adopted multi-pronged strategy to dig out the terrorist gang that killed 7 cops in Orangi Town on Wednesday. Investigations initiated to trace the terrorists and their facilitators have
been launched with fast pace. The investigators are confident they would soon unearth the terrorist gang involved in the bloodshed of the cops, who were on security duty of anti-polio volunteers in Orangi Town.
The investigators are moving ahead and there are reports that the killers might be from banned Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LeJ) and a political party. It has been learnt that the LEAs and the security forces had some 6 days ago intercepted a few calls that were made from inside Sukkur Prison and the callers and the receivers of those calls were militants of certain banned terrorist outfits. It is revealed that LeJ Sindh chief Rashed aka Ganja is operating a network of terrorism from Sukkur Prison while militants on bail were sent to Karachi for conducting terror acts. According to sources, Sindh police and higher provincial authorities concerned were already informed last Saturday about a major terror incident in Karachi. However, Sindh police and the authorities concerned could not ensure security steps. Even Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) SSP Junaid Shaikh had also expressed premonitions regarding a possible major terror act in the city as he had spoken about close coordination of terrorists belonging to different terrorist organisations. CTD Civil Lines in-charge raja Umer Khitab had also expressed similar premonitions on April 13 as on that day, Khitab and his team had executed 2 terrorists, Rehan and Hammad in an alleged encounter in Gulshan-e Maymar. The terrorists executed in that encounter belonged to different terrorist organisations.
Sources also claimed that the target killers belonging to a particular political party had formed a seven member gang that has been operating in Orangi and that they have been given an assignment to create unrest in the city target the cops.
The LEAs have also geared up efforts for arresting those seven target killers. Tow target killers already in detention of the CTD, Shafi Alam aka Ganja and Rehmatullah aka Don had during investigations disclosed their names and plans.
However, the Inspector General of Police, Sindh A D Khoja told newsmen that Police had identified the cops’ killer gang.
On the other hand, CTD Garden headquarters has registered an FIR on the cops’ killings in Orangi Town on behalf of Pakistan Bazar Police Station SHO.
Police have so far taken one woman among 7 in custody on suspicion of cops’ killings. CTD has arrested them from Shireen Jinnah Colony, Neelam Colony and DHA.

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